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Fomblin Yvac 3 (Krytox LVP Equivalent)

Fomblin Yvac 3 ( Krytox LVP Equivalent )

Fomblin Yvac 3 ( Krytox LVP Equivalent )

Fomblin YVac 3 Inert Vacuum Grease, direct equivalant to Krytox LVP.

Fomblin YVAC 3 is particularly suitable for use as a lubricant of mechanical parts operating at high vacuum and in contact with aggressive chemicals or oxygen.

Manufactured with low vapor pressure flourinated oils to withstand high temperatures over long periods of time.

- Low Vapor Pressure
- High Degree of Chemical Inertness
- Compatible with Metals, Plastics and Elastomers
- Excellent Lubricity
- Non-flammable

Part Number:


Model Number: 
Max. Bake Temperature: 
Max. Operating Temperature: 
Max. Vacuum Level: 
1x10E-9 Torr
MSDS (SDS) Material Safety Data Sheet: