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PEEK Connector (Polyetheretherketone)

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What is a PEEK Connector?

PEEK which is short for Polyetheretherketone, is a thermoplastic polymer material rated for all vacuum ranges. Using this material to construct the PEEK connector creates a robust connector built to sustain temperatures up to 250 ° C and ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) range up to 1x10-10 Torr. In addition, PEEK Connectors have a low outgassing rate, are chemically resistant, and are great for high temperatures.

The PEEK Connector is the building block of UHV vacuum components. They come in the male and female variety and are designed to optimally pair with hermetically sealed feedthroughs, kapton wire assemblies, and of course male and female versions do mate. With this advanced technology in mind, the PEEK Connector was specially designed for use in unique vacuum environments.