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High (HV) and Ultrahigh (UHV) SMA Coaxial Feedthroughs and Components

The subminiature Type-A connector, usually referred to as an SMA coaxial connection, has a compact design ideally suited for high frequency signal transmission.  Accu-Glass Products' SMA feedthroughs are constructed with either floating shields or grounded shields.

Floating shields provide two concentric conductors: one outer metal tube or shield conductor concentric with, and enclosing a cylindrical center conductor.  Both electrical paths are electrically isolated from the vacuum flange.

Grounded shields provide only one electrical path that is electrically isolated from the vacuum flange.  With grounded shields, the shield and vacuum flange are electrically common.

Ultrahigh (UHV) and High Vacuum (HV) compatible coaxial cable assemblies are available to meet the needs of most in-vacuum, low noise instrumentation cable applications.  The vacuum side of a single ended, grounded and floating SMA vacuum feedthrough consists of a 0.094 inch diameter conductor pin that mates perfectly with Accu-Glass Products' grounded or floating Accufast™ connector interface.