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Non-Magnetic Viewports

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Non-Magnetic / Standard-Length Viewports

Designed for direct visual observation of processes inside a vacuum chamber — AGP standard-length non-magnetic vacuum viewports are fitted with Corning 7056 Type Borosilicate Glass windows, the most popular glass used in the construction of vacuum-compatible viewports. Non-magnetic viewports are sealed to non-matched expansion 304 stainless steel transition tubes and are slightly longer than its equivalent size magnetic (Kovar) counterparts . They are hermetically sealed using state-of-the-art glass-to-metal bonding technology, AGP glass viewports are suitable for both high and ultrahigh (UHV) vacuum applications.

Since glass is susceptible to scratching and inherently weak under point stresses, exercise extreme caution when handling glass viewports. The proper handling of glass viewports and components will minimize the chance of implosion hazard or injury.


  • Corning 7056 Type Borosilicate glass
  • Non-Magnetic, non-matched-expansion 304 Stainless steel transition metal
  • High temperature rated from 200° to 350°C
  • HV and UHV compatible materials
  • Conflat CF and ISO NW compatible mounts
  • Custom Solutions on Request