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About Accu-Glass Products, Inc.

End-to-End, Air-to-Vacuum Solutions... Always in Stock

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of high and ultrahigh vacuum electrical feedthroughs, Accu-Glass Products is committed to providing the scientific and industrial vacuum community with complete solutions for electrical wiring. Solutions that allow fast and easy product integration, that cover all aspects of wiring at the vacuum interface.

The manufacturing of ultrahigh vacuum hermetic electrical feedthroughs is a highly specialized technology possessed by various companies around the world, but how to interface with these electrical devices is often ignored by most. Scientists, engineers and technicians are often left to resolve a product’s connection deficiencies on their own. In fact, most feedthrough manufacturers believe their involvement ends where the vacuum vessel begins.

Years of listening to our customers’ concerns and needs has helped shape our product design philosophy. This philosophy is evident in our commitment to vacuum users around the world by providing them with solutions that go beyond the air-to-vacuum interface.

We understand that vacuum professionals are primarily concerned with their application's successful implementation and operation — feedthrough reliability, performance and connectivity are the manufacturer’s responsibility. In other words, we take on the task of designing, engineering and manufacturing vacuum components that meet or exceed an application’s requirements and completely address the issues of air and vacuum wiring so our customers don’t have to.

The products presented in this website are the result of a clear understanding of the industry’s demand for end-to-end air-to-vacuum wiring solutions. All electrical feedthrough products have been designed and manufactured with both air and vacuum compatible connectors and accessories. Some products are available as complete kits and others are available as piece-part accessories for maximum user flexibility.

Accu-Glass Products' solutions extend beyond the products you see within this site's pages. Please keep in mind that we're always prepared to discuss custom engineered solutions for those applications requiring something other than our standard product offering. Accu-Glass Products sales-engineers are ready to assist with your particular requirements. Click here for custom cables and/or feedthrough flanges