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Electrical Feedthrough Drawings and Models

The following list of PDF feedthrough drawings and STEP (3D CAD Model) downloads is offered for clients who wish to design their own custom flanges. Accu-Glass Products, Inc. does not sell weldable feedthroughs. However, we routinely weld our feedthroughs into customer supplied flanges. Please note that customer supplied flanges must be made from 304 or 316 stainless steel material. We do not weld to Aluminum.


Feedthrough 2D-Drawing / 3D-CAD Model Downloads
Pins Feedthrough Connector Drawing (PDF) CAD Model (STEP)
3 Power Subminiature-D EAG-3PD EAG-3PD.ZIP
3 Coaxial Subminiature-D EAG-3CX EAG-3CX.ZIP
5 Power Subminiature-D EAG-5PD EAG-5PD.ZIP
5 Coaxial Subminiature-D EAG-5CX EAG-5CX.ZIP
6 Power Mil-C-5015   EAG-6C-5015.ZIP
9 Instrumentation Subminiature-C EAG-9C   EAG-9C.ZIP
9 Instrumentation Subminiature-D EAG-9D EAG-9D.ZIP
15 Instrumentation Subminiature-D EAG-15D EAG-15D.ZIP
19 Instrumentation Mil-C-26482 EAG-19C EAG-19C.ZIP
25 Instrumentation Subminiature-D EAG-25D EAG-25D.ZIP
50 Instrumentation Subminiature-D EAG-50D EAG-50D.ZIP