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Vacuum Wiring Accessories 

AGP offers the vacuum industry's most complex and complete line of high and ultrahigh in vacuum wire accessories.

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Metal Braid / Flexible Shielding provides signal protection within a UHV environment.  Materials of construction are either stainless steel or silver-plated copper, 36AWG with 98% coverage.  Stainless Steel braid is made from 304SS.

Peek Braid / Flexible Shielding is ideally suited for situations requiring an extra layer of abrasion resistance or electrical insulation.  PEEK Braid, combined with our vacuum and flexible shielding options, offers the user an almost endless variety of cable combinations.

Vacuum Cable Chain / Track components are designed for service in high and ultrahigh vacuum cable management applications.  Sold in units of five (5) links.

Vacuum Cable Ties and Mounts are sold in either PEEK or stainless steel construction.  All are compatible with UHV rating of 1x10-10 Torr.

Ceramic Beads and Electrical Standoffs include ceramic insulation fish spine beads as well as glass-ceramic wire identification marker beads.  We also offer Steatite Ceramic Standoffs that provide electrical isolation and resistance to thermal extremes, high-wear conditions and corrosion.

Ceramic Wire Nuts are used to insulate bare wires in air or vacuum systems.  Convex and concave ends allow easy stacking and provide continuous insulation along wire length.  Also known as fish-spine beads.

Vacuum Glue and Adhesives are offered in both "Conductive Epoxy" and "Non-Conductive Epoxy".

Kapton® tapes are offered in single-sided Acrylic adhesive as well as single-sided Silicone adhesive options.  For our Double-sided version, we offer in Silicone adhesive only.

Peek Limit Switch is "Normally Closed" and constructed using UHV compatible materials, including PEEK polymer witch body, cap, and plunger, gold plated BeCu electrical contacts, silver plated 22AWG solid core Cu wire with Kapton® insulation, and stainless steel nuts and spring.

PEEK Monofilament Ties are suitable for many ultrahigh vacuum uses. Rated to 250°C and vacuum rated  to 1x10-10 Torr.

Crimp Terminals are offered in Ring, Butt, and Spade gold plated options.

Heat Shrink Tubing is offered in 3 forms, PTFE, FEP, and PEEK (polyetheretherketone).  All are either UHV rated to 1x10-10 Torr or HV rated to 1x10-8 Torr compatible.

UHV Solder and Flux, along with all the necessary soldering equipment, is available from the links below.  Rated for 1x10-10 Torr.

Cable Wraps in both PEEK and Teflon® are available in multiple size configurations.

Terminal Blocks are offered in either Ceramic or PEEK material.  The PEEK version has multiple pin options as well as stacking ability.

Wire Identification Beads are vacuum compatible colored glass-ceramic beads used to identify unmarked Kapton® and FEP insulated vacuum wiring.  The Bead kit consists of six-packs of 50 of each color (300 beads total).