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Custom Flanges

Custom Flanges

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. is the leader in Custom glass to metal Hermetic Seal flange and cable assemblies. From custom feedthrough flanges with Thermocouple, Power, SMA, BNC, Rotary, Linear feedthroughs to custom UHV cable assemblies, Accu-Glass engineers are ready to discuss your complex needs.

  • Speak with one of our engineers by calling (818) 365-4215
  • Want to machine your own custom flange and send it to us for welding? Download our feedthrough specifications, click here.

Custom flanges in three (3) easy steps!

Provide us with detailed requirements of your project. We will work from rough sketches, descrip/sites/default/files/tions, or detailed drawings. Our engineering staff will review the requirements of your project and consult with you. We can then provide a quotation within 24 hours in most cases.


Once an order is received, Accu-Glass engineers will review and approve all requirements.  If needed, we'll generate a detailed engineering drawing of the custom assembly and forward an electronic copy for your approval.


Once the approval process has been completed, production will begin at our production facility.  Accu-Glass Products can provide small and large quantities, as needed, with very short lead times.

Below is a small sampling of custom assemblies that we have made for clients in the past.

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Fiber Optic

Custom flange assembly with two fiber optic feedthroughs mounted into a NW40 KF flange.

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Custom flange assembly with the following feedthroughs:

  • 8 ea. 25 pin D-Type feedthroughs
  • 4 ea. 3 pin Power feedthroughs
  • 4 ea. Double ended grounded shield BNC feedthroughs
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Custom 10" CF flange with 4 - 9 pin sub-D type feedthroughs and 5 - 25 pin sub-D type feedthroughs.  A flange of this type usually has a lead time of  3-5 days.

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Custom Assembly

This custom assembly was manufactured because our client needed 18 conductors through a 1/2" through hole.  A 2.75" CF flange was fitted with a 1.33" CF Tee fitting. Two of our 9 Pin subminiature-C type feedthroughs on a 1.33" CF flanges  (PN-100010) were then used on each end. The PEEK connectors were plugged into the feedthroughs prior to closing the assembly.  As you can see by the picture, Accu-Glass Products was able to accommodate the needs of our client. All of this was completed in less than a week.

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Custom Flange

Custom flange assembly consisting of a 3 Pin coaxial-D feedthrough, 15 pin subminiature-D feedthrough, MHV grounded shield feedthrough, and a BNC grounded shield feedthrough. Also welded into the center is a NW40 KF half nipple.

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Custom Flange w/holes

Custom flange assembly with holes for customer use.

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Custom flange assembly consisting of a 3 pin coaxial subminiature-D feedthrough, and 3 ea. of a 25 pin subminiature-D feedthroughs. Also included are 4 tapped holes and a 2.75" CF flange machined in the center.

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Custom Flange - 9C

Custom flange assembly.