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Custom Cables

Custom Cable Assemblies

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. is the leader in vacuum custom assemblies.  From custom feedthrough flanges to custom UHV cable assemblies, Accu-Glass engineers are ready to discuss your complex needs.

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CUSTOM PRODUCTS in 3 easy steps!

Provide us with as many detailed requirements for your desired cable as you can.  We will work from rough sketches and descriptions to detailed drawings.  Our engineering staff will review the requirements of your project and consult with you.  We can then provide a quotation within 24 hours in most cases.

Once an order is placed, Accu-Glass Products' engineers will review and approve the requirements.  If needed, we'll generate an engineered drawing of your custom cable assembly including pin-outs and e-mail it to you for approval.

Once the approval process has been completed, production will begin at our production facility.  Accu-Glass Products can provide small and large quantities as needed with very short lead times.

Quick View
Custom 9C Connector

Custom 9C Connector with rear terminal block.

Quick View

Custom cable assembly with custom pinout, connectors, and braided shielding.