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Access Doors - Ultrahigh (UHV) High In-Vacuum (HV), drawing

Quick, Load-Lock Access Doors

Ultrahigh (UHV) and High In-Vacuum (HV) Access Doors are available blank or in zero-length 7056 Borosilicate glass configurations.

These unique vacuum doors employ adjustable hinge mechanisms that facilitate door-to-flange face alignment, producing uniform gasket compression, fast closures, and reliable pump-down cycles.

Doors include an O-ring gasket made from a Viton elastomer compound.   Additionally, they're equipped with a simple and quick-acting, lockable, over-center latching mechanism.

A 4.5 Inch CF size door is currently available. The 4.5 CF access doors have a 2.56 clearance bore, however, maximum bore clearance may be limited by your systems mating hardware.

AG access doors can be mounted to clearance or threaded CF mating flanges.

Bolt kits are available for either mounting arrangement with all the necessary hardware, including nuts and washers.

Larger or smaller custom access door sizes, as well as blind threaded mounting holes (for reverse bolting arrangements), are available on request. For more information on these and other Accu-Glass access door solutions please feel free to contact one of our sales engineers.


Access Door Material Specifications
  • Flange and Door

Viewport Version:

  • Substrate
  • Metal Transition
  • Seal, Elastomer Door

304 Stainless Steel


7056 Borosilicate Glass
Kovar® (NiFe Alloy)

Access Door Vacuum Range Specifications
Vacuum Range  
  • HV, High vacuum
1x10-8 Torr
Access Door Temperature Range Specifications
Temperature Range  
  • Blank Door (without elastomer seal)
  • Glass Door (without elastomer seal)
  • Seal, Elastomer Door
  • Thermal Gradient

20ºC / Minute Maximum

* Overall assembly ratings must be adjusted to that of the lowest-rated component.