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Vacuum Fiber Optics Components

Accu-Glass Products line of Fiber Optic Components, including Feedthroughs and Cable Assemblies.

Our UHV Fiber Optic feedthroughs are hermetically sealed into a stainless steel shell, using the latest in glass bonding technology.  

Our proprietary seal allows for the broadest temperature range of any fiber feedthrough available today:  From -269°C to +250°C.

Fiber Optic Feedthrough Specifications
  • Shell
  • Seal

304 Stainless Steel
Feedthrough Vacuum Range Specifications
Vacuum Range  
  • UHV, Ultrahigh vacuum
  • HV, High vacuum

1x10-10  Torr
1x10-8 Torr

Feedthrough Temperature Specifications
Vacuum Temperature  
  • Feedthrough
  • Flange Mount, Conflat
  • Flange Mount, ISO
  • Thermal Gradient

-200ºC to 250ºC
-200ºC to 450ºC
-26ºC to 150ºC
25ºC / Minute Maximum

Fiber Multimode Specifications
Multimode optical fiber  

Step Index Fiber, 100-1000um UV/VIS or High-OH

  • Operating Wavelength

Step Index Fiber, 100-1000um VIS/NIR or Ultra Low-OH

  • Operating Wavelength

Numerical Aperture
Core / Cladding Ratio
Bend Radius, Momentary / Long Term
Insertion loss, Interconnect

Graded-Index Fiber, 62.5um Core / 125um Clad
  Operating Wavelength
  Numerical Aperture
  Bend Radius, Momentary / Long Term
  Attenuation at 850 / 1300nm



0.22 + 0.02 or 24.8º
200X / 400X Core
-0.8db to -2.0db

850 and 1300nm
0.27 + 0.02
400X / 800X Core
< 3.0db / 0.8db

* Overall assembly ratings must be adjusted to that of the lowest rated component.  

Patch Cables for in-vacuum and air-service are also available in many core sizes and wavelength ranges.  

Patch Cables are offered with SMA 905 Premium Connectors as off-the-shelf standards.