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Motion and Manipulation - Ultrahigh (UHV) High In-Vacuum (HV), drawing

High (HV) and Ultrahigh (UHV) Motion and Manipulation

AGP offers a line of Linear, Push-Pull, Wobble Sticks, and Rotary feedthroughs designed to meet the demands of motion and manipulation in ultrahigh (UHV) and high in-vacuum (HV) environments.

Manufactured with stainless steel bearings (we never use bushings that can wear out) and sealed using AM-350 edge-welded bellows, our linear and rotary feedthroughs are the most reliable and robust available anywhere.

The links above provide access to our line of motion feedthroughs as well as our stepper motor and pneumatic actuator options.

 Please refer to each category below for complete specifications. 


Motion and Manipulation Feedthrough Material Specifications
  • Internal Body
  • Housing
  • Bellows
  • Elastomer Sealed Shaft Rotary Products
  • Other Products

304 Stainless Steel
Anodized Aluminum 2011
Edge-Welded AM-350
See that Category Main Page
See that Category Main Page

Motion and Manipulation Vacuum Range Specifications
Vacuum Range  
  • UHV, Ultrahigh vacuum
  • HV, High vacuum

1x10-10 Torr
1x10-8 Torr
Motion and Manipulation Temperature Range Specifications
Temperature Range  
  • Feedthrough
  • Flange Mount, Conflat
  • Flange Mount, ISO


* Overall assembly ratings must be adjusted to that of the lowest-rated component.  
Motion and Manipulation, Other Specifications
Load, Resolution, and Speed  
  • Axial, Maximum
  • Lateral, Maximum at 2 inches from flange face
  • Rotary Products only, Torque
  • Rotary Products only, Axial
  • Rotary Products only, Lateral

5 lb
5 lb
250 in-oz maximum
6 lb maximum
10 maximum

  • Linear Scale
  • Rotary Scale
  • Rotary Products only, Rotary Scale
0.025 Inch
0.001 Inch
  • Rotary Products only, Speed
1,000 RPM Maximum