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BNC Floating Shield Feedthroughs on CF Flanges

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Floating Shield BNC CF Feedthroughs

These feedthroughs are mounted on CF Flanges that incorporate the industry standard "captured copper gaskets" sealing principle, making it easy to mount to your existing CF Flange ports.

BNC - Floating Shield Feedthroughs, CF Flangesmating warning diagram on differences between BNC and MHV feedthroughs

BNC Coaxial Interface

The 'Bayonet Neill-Concelman' connector, referred to as a BNC coaxial connection, is commonly used in conjunction with low noise 50-ohm instrumentation signal lines. BNC coaxial feedthroughs are constructed in both grounded and floating shield configurations. Floating shield types provide two concentric conductor paths: an outer metal conductor tube (shield) concentric with, and enclosing, a cylindrical center conductor pin. Both paths are electrically isolated from each other and a mounting flange. Grounded shield BNCs provide only one path that's electrically isolated from the flange, where grounded shield and flange are electrically common.
Vacuum side of single-ended grounded and floating BNC feedthroughs have a 0.094 inch (2.4-mm) diameter conductor pin that mates with grounded or floating AccuFast™ connectors.


  • BNC Coaxial Interface
  • Grounded and Floating Shield
  • Single and Double Ended configurations
  • Kapton® insulated 50-Ohm cable
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • UHV compatible construction
  • Conflat® and ISO KF compatible mounts
  • Air service cables / connectors
  • Custom solutions on request