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BNC - Floating Shield Feedthroughs on ISO KF,LF Flanges

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BNC - Floating Shield Feedthroughs on ISO KF,LF Flangesmating warning diagram on differences between BNC and MHV feedthroughs

Coaxial BNC, Floating Shield Feedthrough, ISO KF / LF Flanges

The 'Bayonet Neill-Concelman' connector, referred to as a BNC coaxial connection, is commonly used in conjunction with low noise 50-ohm instrumentation signal lines. BNC coaxial feedthroughs are constructed in both grounded and floating shield configurations. Floating shield types provide two concentric conductor paths: an outer metal conductor tube (shield) concentric with, and enclosing, a cylindrical center conductor pin. Both paths are electrically isolated from each other and a mounting flange. Grounded shield BNCs provide only one path that's electrically isolated from the flange, where grounded shield and flange are electrically common.
Vacuum side of single-ended grounded and floating BNC feedthroughs have a 0.094 inch (2.4-mm) diameter conductor pin that mates with grounded or floating AccuFast™ connectors.


  • BNC Coaxial Interface
  • Grounded and Floating Shield
  • Single and Double Ended configurations
  • Kapton® insulated 50-Ohm cable
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • UHV compatible construction
  • Conflat® and ISO KF compatible mounts
  • Air service cables/connectors
  • Custom solutions on request