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Microdot Coaxial Feedthroughs and Components

Microdot Coaxial - Ultrahigh (UHV) High In-Vacuum (HV), Drawing

UHV Microdot Feedthroughs

The Microdot coaxial interface, developed for aerospace and instrumentation applications, is a small circular connector, which is sometimes mistaken for the slightly larger SMA coaxial connection.  In its most common configuration, the S-50 series (the vacuum microdot feedthroughs offered on this site), it uses a No. 10-32 UNF (.190-32) thread.  Male connectors are fitted with a 0.030/.033 diameter pin and jacks have the female mating socket receptacle.  It is commonly used in conjunction with high-frequency, low noise, 50-Ohm instrumentation signal lines in accelerometers, and various transducer applications.

Microdot Feedthrough Construction

Accu-Glass Products' Microdot and "between-series" BNC-Microdot coaxial feedthroughs are constructed with grounded shields, where the feedthrough shield and flange are electrically common. 

Microdot Feedthrough BNC-Microdot "between-series"

Microdot-BNC feedthroughs offer a simple means of transitioning between BNC and Microdot wired applications, or vise versa.  The BNC-Microdot feedthrough is often used in conjunction with crystal sensors to monitor deposition thicknesses of in-vacuum coating applications.  Microdot cable assemblies, connectors, and wiring accessories are also offered on this site.  Rated for High Vacuum (HV) and Ultrahigh Vacuum (UHV) applications.


mating warning diagram on SMA and Microdot S93 threads