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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are our most asked questions. They are categorized as Support/Other, Custom Parts, or Standard Parts Questions. 

Support / Other

  1. How do I change my password?
    • Click on "My Account". Click on the "Edit" tab. Scroll down to the "password" field and enter the current user password. Once completed, you may enter the new password in both fields below.
  2. What is your Privacy Policy?
  3. How does my company receive Net 30 terms?
    • Please send an email to sales@accuglassproducts.com requesting terms along with credit references for our management to review. Per company policy, we will respond to you within one operational day.
  4. Do you have a distributor?
    • AGP handles all orders in North America and Latin Americas; all other distributors can be found on our website on the Distributors Page.
  5. Do you have a print/model for part number XXXXXX?
    • Most of our products have a print/model available on our website in the downloads section of each item. Search the part number you are looking for and navigate to the bottom of the page to the downloads tab.
  6. How do I view my past order history?
    1. Log into your account using your email and password, navigate to the "List Orders" tab and select this option. You may now review your order history.
  7. What is outgassing and how do you reduce it?
    • Outgassing is the spontaneous desorption of gas or vapor from a material. Using ultra high vacuum stainless steel and PEEK products will greatly reduce the risk of outgassing.

Custom Parts

  1. Do you make custom parts?
  2. I cannot find the exact contact, connector, option, or cable length on the website?
    • Similar products have a drop-down selection to choose the correct contact, connector, or cable length. If your desired option is unavailable on our website, we may be able to assist with a custom item.
  3.  I see 19" and 39" inch lengths available on most cable assemblies. Can I purchase other lengths?
    • Yes! The 19" and 39" inch lengths are in stock and ready for delivery, we can supply any custom length that you need; custom cable lengths usually ship the next day
    • Send all inquiries for custom lengths to sales@accuglassproducts.com.

Standard Parts

  1. How do you strip Kapton Insulated wire – easily?
    • Kapton insulated wire is not easily stripped, but quality wire strippers and a razor blade for small clean-up is the best method that we have found. We offer a thermal wire stripper for high volume wire stripping.
  2. What is a VCR metal gasket fitting and what does VCR stand for?
    • VCR stands for vacuum coupling radiation. These are general-purpose, non-cryogenic, tube feedthroughs used for gas and fluid coolant delivery into high and ultrahigh vacuum systems. Click here for more information on VCR cryogenic fittings.
  3. What are the dimensions of Swagelok and VCR fittings?
    • AGP standard fluid feedthroughs are available in single or dual tube configurations, with 1/8 or 1/4 inch tube diameters. Additional sizes are available as a custom part. Click here for more information on Swagelok and VCR.
  4. How do you use hinged clamps?
    • Hinged clamps are used to mate two KF flanges together. KF Style flanges have a tapered edge and require a Hinged Clamp to tighten the flange to the centering ring, creating the vacuum seal.
  5. What is a hermetic feedthrough?
    • A feedthrough that permits the transfer of power, data or light into or out of a vacuum chamber. Hermetic feedthroughs, also known as vacuum feedthroughs, provide a robust compression seal, low signal loss, and superior performance in high-stress environments.
  6. What is a BNC cable?
    • The Bayonet Neill-Concelman cable, referred to as BNC coaxial cable, is ideal for 50-Ohm applications.
  7. What is a BNC cable connector?
    • The Bayonet Neill-Concelman connector is referred to as a BNC coaxial connector, mates well with BNC feedthroughs, and 50-Ohm cables.
  8. What is the cure time of Torr-Seal?
    • The cure time of Torr-Seal is 24 hours at 25°C, 2 hours at 60°C. Click here for more information on torr seal and adhesive vacuum sealants.