1/4" VCR Cryogenic Feedthrough Fittings

VCR Fitting Feedthroughs - Metal Gasket

Single & Dual Cryogenic VCR Feedthroughs

Diagram of two dual cryogenic Swagelok feedthroughs, one mounted on a CF flange and one mounted on an ISO flange and a baseplate mount

Cryogenic service fluid feedthroughs are used to deliver gas and/or coolants, such as Liquid Nitrogen LN2, into high (HV) and ultrahigh (UHV) vacuum systems. Feedthroughs are available with single or dual 1/4 inch tube supply lines. Supply lines are thermally insulated by a 1/2 inch coaxial support tube, which creates a vacuum gap around each supply line. Feedthroughs are terminated with VCR metal-gasket-fitted, ultrahigh-vacuum-rated fittings .

VCR® fittings are zero-clearance, demountable UHV compatible mechanical joints produced by crushing a deformable metal gasket between two mating and polished fitting gland faces. Fitting gland finish, and metal gasket temper are critical parameters for making reliable, gas and ultrahigh vacuum seals.

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