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1/4" (.250) Swagelok Fitting Feedthroughs

1/4" Swagelok dual tube fluid feedthrough on 2.75" CF flange

Dual .250 Tube / 2.75 CF Flange (Swagelok)

Part Number: 113005

Swagelok Dual 1/4" Tube Fluid Feedthrough on a 2.75 CF flange

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Swagelok Dual & Single 0.25" Tube Fitting Feedthroughs

Diagram of two dual Swagelok feedthroughs, one mounted on a CF flange and one mounted on an ISO flange

These single and dual (double) tube feedthroughs are made with 0.25" OD tubing welded to the corresponding CF or ISO style flange.  Once that is complete a Swagelok Fitting is attached to one or both ends.