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High Voltage ISO Feedthroughs

ISO High Power / Voltage Feedthrough Flange

High Power Feedthroughs on ISO Flanges

diagram of two high power feedthroughs on ISO flanges

These high voltage ISO feedthroughs are mounted on KF/LF Flanges that incorporate the industry standard "ISO NW" clamped elastomer sealing principle, making it easy to mount to your existing KF/LF Flange ports.

High Power Feedthroughs

Accu-Glass Products’ High Power hermetic feedthroughs are available in three power ratings up to 20,000 volts and 30 amps.

The maximum standard ratings are:

5kVDC / 30A
10kVDC / 30A
20kVDC / 30A

For custom feedthroughs or for ratings other than the standards, contact the factory. All three versions are offered on Conflat® compatible CF metal seal and  ISO-KF elastomer seal flanges. High purity Alumina ceramic ­insulators provide electrical isolation and copper conductors provide maximum current capacity. The high purity ­Alumina ceramic is bonded and sealed to low ­expansion metals in a vacuum furnace environment using precious and semi-precious high temperature vacuum tube grade braze alloys.


  • High Voltage to 20 kVDC
  • High Current to 30 Amps
  • UHV Compatible Construction
  • Conflat® and ISO Compatible Mounts
  • Kapton® Insulated Vacuum Cables
  • Air Service Cables / Boot Connectors
  • Custom Solutions on Request