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Linear Push-Pull Feedthroughs

Ultrahigh Ultra High In-Vacuum UHV HV Push-Pull Linear Feedthroughs, drawing

Linear Push-Pull Feedthroughs

Push-Pull Vacuum Feedthrough Mounted on ISO or CF Flanges

Accu-Glass Products push-pull linear motion feedthroughs are designed to provide quick action linear motion. A knob is provided on the end of a stainless steel shaft to allow the operator to push the shaft in or out to the desired position. Linear movement is measured in 0.025 inch increments on the linear body scale, which is laser etched into the black anodized aluminum finish. The linear position can be locked at any point with a convenient thumb wheel located on the side of the body.

They are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, where only stainless steel surfaces are exposed to the in-vacuum environment.

In-vacuum bearings are film lubricated with a (UHV) Ultra High vacuum compatible Krytox® lubricant, while air side bearings are lubricated with high-temperature Krytox® lubricant. The linear shaft is sealed with an AM-350 edge-welded bellows.

Push pull feedthroughs are available on Conflat® style CF metal seal or ISO-KF style elastomer seal flanges.