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Rotary Motion Feedthroughs

Ultrahigh Ultra High In-Vacuum UHV HV Rotary Feedthroughs, drawing

Vacuum Rotary Feedthroughs

Accu-Glass Products' high-torque HTR series rotary motion feedthroughs are designed to operate at temperatures as high as 250°C and rotational torque up to 250 in-oz.

They are constructed of black-anodized aluminum and stainless steel, where only stainless steel surfaces are exposed to the vacuum environment.

In-vacuum bearings are dry-lubricated with tungsten-disulfide, while air side bearings are lubricated with high-temperature Krytox® lubricant.  The rotation shaft is sealed with an AM-350 edge-welded bellows.

Feedthrough rotation can be monitored via a 360° / 5° increment laser-etched scale found on the manual actuator knob.  Rotary feedthroughs are available on Conflat® style CF metal seal or ISO-KF style elastomer seal flanges.

Stepper motor and Pneumatic Actuator options are also available via the links below.