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Wobble Stick Feedthroughs

Ultrahigh Ultra High In-Vacuum UHV HV Wobble Stick Feedthroughs, drawing

Wobble Stick Feedthroughs

Wobble Sticks Mounted on ISO or CF Flanges

Wobble stick feedthroughs offer an economical method of providing both angular and linear movement.

The position of the wobble stick must be manually held by the operator or customer provided position lock. Under vacuum load the bellows are compressed and the shaft is completely extended into the vacuum chamber, unless restrained.

The two models offered are capable of 44° (0.5 inch linear) and 60° (1 inch linear) of angular motion respectively. However, when mounted on a typical necked port, the angular motion can be reduced to 20° and 30° respectively.

Feedthroughs are available on Conflat® style CF metal seal or ISO-KF style elastomer seal flanges.