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UHV Macor Connector 9C, Female

UHV Macor Connector 9C, Female

9-Pin female subminiature-C Macor® (glass-ceramic) connector.

Macor ceramic connectors are designed for high temperature and extreme environments not suitable for UHV PEEK polymer connectors. They're used with either non-insulated or ceramic bead insulated wire.

Please note that wires must be threaded through the connector back-piece before crimping contacts. Macor is an impermeable glass-ceramic material that does not absorb gas or water vapor... and is free of carbon compounds. Macor can be baked to 700°C if disassembled... without screws or contacts. (Contacts are not included and must be purchased separately)

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Weight: 0.1 lbs
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Model Number:9C-MCS
Materials:Macor, SS
RoHS Compliant:Yes
Max. Bake Temperature:700ºC
Max. Operating Temperature:300ºC
Max. Vacuum Level:1x10E-11 Torr
Length / Height:0.73
Number Contacts:9 (Contacts sold separately)
Other Information:

Thread wires through back-piece before crimping contacts (contacts sold separately)

Min. Operating Temperature:-200ºC