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Male 9 Pin, Circular UHV PEEK Connector, Sub-C

UHV PEEK Connector - 9C, Male

9 pin (9C), Male Subminiature-C (Sub-C) UHV PEEK connector (Polyether ether ketone).  Please note that contacts are sold separately and are available in two wire gauge ranges... 20-24 and 26-30 AWG.

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Weight: 0.1 lbs
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Model Number:9C-PKP
Materials:PEEK (Polyetheretherketone Polymer)
RoHS Compliant:Yes
Max. Bake Temperature:250ºC
Max. Operating Temperature:250ºC
Max. Vacuum Level:1x10E-10 Torr
Voltage rating:500 VDC max (when assembled)
Current rating:5 AMPs per pin (20% of pins at any given time)
Number Contacts:9 (Contacts sold separately)
Other Information:

Interface Type:    Subminiature-C (Sub-C)