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Blank CF-Flanged Access Doors

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Blank Access Doors

Accu-Glass Products is pleased to introduce an improved line of blank vacuum access doors on 2.75, 4.5, and 6.0 inch Conflat® compatible CF flange mount sizes. Viewport fitted doors are constructed with Corning® 7056 borosilicate glass and Kovar® (nickel-iron) low-expansion metal sleeves, which are TIG welded to the door's frame. The 2.75, 4.5, and 6 inch CF access doors have 1.5, 2.56, and 3.81 clearance bores respectively. However, note that maximum bore clearances may be limited by an existing system's mating hardware and geometry (tube ID).

Our access doors employ a unique, adjustable dual-axis hinge mechanism that exerts even pressure on the door’s elastomer seal, for fast and reliable closures and pump-down cycles. Standard doors have a 195˚ swing-angle, but an optional door-stop kit will reduce this swing-angle to 120˚ maximum... a helpful feature in tight laboratory settings. All doors are supplied with a Viton® elastomer gasket that is suitable for high vacuum service. Access door closure is accomplished with a simple over-center latching mechanism that's quick and easy to use and fitted with a security cotter pin (included) to prevent accidental unlatching when the system is not under vacuum. AGP access doors can be mounted to both clearance or threaded CF mating system flanges. Bolt kits are available for either mounting arrangement and include all necessary fastening hardware... bolts, nuts, and washers.

Custom, larger diameter, access doors, as well as blind threaded mounting hole doors (for reverse bolting arrangements) are available on request.


  • 195° Swing, Blank / Viewport fitted doors 120° swing angle optional
  • 1.50, 2.56, and 3.81 Inch door apertures
  • 7056 Borosilicate glass 1 windows
  • An adjustable, dual-axis hinge mechanism
  • Over-center latch mechanism with lock
  • Viton® Elastomer gasket door seal
  • High vacuum compatible to 10−8 Torr
  • Conflat® compatible mounts with counterbored clearance bolt interface 2
  • Custom Solutions on Request