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Leaded Glass / X-Ray Viewport Shields

Leaded Glass Viewport Shields mount, or 'piggyback' onto CF flanges from 1.33 to 8 inch diameters. The Lead Glass Viewport Safety Shield is a safety accessory used to block harmful X-Ray radiation while allowing a safe and clear view into the vacuum system. The shield is mounted on the atmosphere side of a standard CF type Zero-Length viewport using longer than standard bolts (zero-length viewports and long fasteners are not included... and must be purchased separately). Please note that the 'Leaded Glass Viewport Shield' glass thickness may vary as needed to attain the specified 2mm lead shielding equivalence. Furthermore, customers are responsible for determining the appropriate, safe level of X-ray radiation shielding required for their specific applications.


  • X-Ray Radiation Shielding
  • Lead Equivalence, 2mm (0.78-Inch)
  • Light Transmission, 85%
  • Refractive Index, 1.76
  • Can be mounted with removable/ non-removable glass
  • Replaceable Leaded Glass Substrate
  • Custom Solutions on Request