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Ceramic Insulation Beads

Ceramic Insulator 2 Hole design - 0.020" ID

Ceramic Insulator 2 Hole design - 0.020" ID

Part Number: 112292
Bare wire ceramic insulator with a two hole design to insulate two bare conductors at a time.  Made from ceramic Steatite,  0.020 ID 24AWG nominal, 1" long.   
12 per package (1 foot).
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Fish-Spline Ceramic Insulation Beads

Ceramic Beads are for use in insulating bare wires in air or vacuum systems.  The beads are bakeable to 450°C and manufactured using high purity L3 Steatite.  The convex and concave ends stack easily on the wire and interlock to provide a flexible and continuous insulation along the entire length of wire.  Price is per linear foot.