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Vacuum Limit Switches

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Normally Closed Limit Switch

UHV limit switch (normally closed) is constructed using UHV compatible materials including PEEK switch body cap and plunger, gold plated BeCu electrical contacts, silver plated 22 AWG Kapton insulated solid core copper wire, and stainless steel nuts and springs. The standard switch assembly is supplied with two, 60-inch electrical leads.

Vacuum Limit Switch Usage

This closed limit switch is designed for plate or bracket mounting inside a UHV vacuum chamber, which requires a .375-inch clearance, or .375-24 UHF threaded hole for installation.  Note that the maximum bracket or plate thickness this vacuum limit switch will accommodate is 5/8-inch.  The two stainless steel nuts (supplied) are used to lock the switch assembly in place.  Custom solutions are available on request.

UHV Closed Limit Switch Specifications:

  • Material:  Polyetheretherketone Polymer, Kapton wire, Stainless Steel
  • Panel or Bracket mounting
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • Voltage rating:  2k VDC max.
  • 2 AMPs
  • UHV rated 1x10-10 Torr
  • Normally closed Position. 

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