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Vacuum Solder and Flux

UHV-Solder, Ultrahigh (UHV) Ultra HIgh In-Vacuum (HV)
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Accu-Glass alloy In-Vacuum solder. 1" length.

85% Gold and 15% Proprietary Alloy.

Solder Flux - Isopropyl Alcohol Soluble
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Isopropyl alcohol soluble flux. 1/2 oz. bottle.
*** Due to restrictions on shipping "Hazardous Materials".   This item must be shipped "Ground" and cannot be exported outside of the United States. ***
Vacuum High Temperature Soldering Iron
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High temperature butane soldering iron. Great for Vacuum Soldering!  
Variable temperature up to 310°C.
Use with UHV solder PN - 110796.
Butane Refill Bottles
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Butane refill bottle, 4.5 oz.
Refill for butane soldering iron PN - 110800.

Vacuum Solder, UHV Solder

Accu-Glass Products' "Accu-Alloy" solder provides a clean, positive electrical connection that does not outgas. The melting/flow temperature is 280°C, suitable for use in ultrahigh vacuum applications.

  • Flux is soluble in isopropyl alcohol.  Recommended cleaning after use: 5 minutes in ultrasonic bath of isopropyl alcohol.