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9D-15D-K50, 24 Pin Feedthrough on a KF50 Flange

9D-15D-K50, 24 Pin Feedthrough on a NW50 KF Flange

9 pin and a 15 pin Sub-D feedthrough on a NW50 KF ISO Flange

9 Pin and 15 Pin D-Type Feedthroughs on a NW50 KF Flange.

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Weight: 1.5 lbs

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Model Number9D-15D-K50
MaterialsSS, Glass-Ceramic
RoHS CompliantYes
Max. Bake Temperature200ºC
Max. Operating Temperature150ºC, limited by O-ring type used.
Max. Vacuum Level1x10E-8 Torr
Current rating5 AMP
Number Contacts24
GenderMale / Male
Contact MaterialNi-Fe alloy, Au-plt