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Viton Gaskets, Elastomer – High Vacuum (HV)

Viton Elastomer Gasket for CF Flange
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Viton Elastomer Gaskets for use with Conflat compatible CF Flanges

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Viton Gaskets, Elastomer – High Vacuum (HV), drawing

Viton Gaskets

Viton Gaskets, Elastomer – Conflat CF Flanges High Vacuum (HV)

These Viton Gaskets are made in a flat cross-section using a vacuum grade fluorocarbon elastomer gasket seal, lathe cut, deburred, cleaned and packaged to prevent shedding or rips. Not intended to be a permanent seal. These are for use during routine mounting and unmounting of CF Flanges.

Good for High Vacuum (HV) applications to 1X10-8 Torr. Rated for -20ºC to 150ºC (intermittently to 200ºC), these viton gaskets are used to seal between the knife-edges of two identically sized CF Flanges.

These gaskets may require slight stretching to fit in the Conflat CF Flange groove. When installing on flanges that are vertical, a small dab of vacuum grease will help keep the viton o’ring in place.

Maximum Torque is rated to 7-10 ft-lb.

These gaskets can be re-used several times as an economical alternative to copper gaskets (usage varies with time). However, if you are operating below 1X10-8 Torr, please use our copper gaskets instead! Not suitable for UHV applications.