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BNC Connectors

Accu-Fast™ 500 - Connector, Female

Accu-Fast™ 500 - Connector, Female

Part Number: 111020
Accu-Fast™ female 500 Connector. This connector mates directly to "single-ended, grounded-shield" BNC feedthroughs
(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)
Accu-Fast™ 875 - Connector, Female

Accu-Fast™ 875 - Connector, Female

Part Number: 111021
Accu-Fast™ female 875 Connector. This connector mates directly to "single-ended, floating-shield" feedthroughs of the type: BNC, MHV, and SHV-5.
(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)
Male BNC Connector with Gold Pin, PEEK Sleeve and Crimp Sleeve

BNC Connector - Male

Part Number: 111023

BNC male connector, UHV compatible.(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)

User-End Female - UHV Connector

User-End Female - UHV Connector

Part Number: 111022
User End Female Connector, UHV rated.
(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)
UHV-Solder, Ultrahigh (UHV) Ultra HIgh In-Vacuum (HV)

In-Vacuum Solder - UHV

Part Number: 110796

Accu-Glass alloy In-Vacuum solder. 1" length.

85% Gold and 15% Proprietary Alloy.

Solder Flux - Isopropyl Alcohol Soluble

Isopropyl Alcohol Soluble Solder Flux

Part Number: 110797
Isopropyl alcohol soluble flux. 1/2 oz. bottle.
*** Due to restrictions on shipping "Hazardous Materials".   This item must be shipped "Ground" and cannot be exported outside of the United States. ***
Vacuum High Temperature Soldering Iron

High Temperature Vacuum Soldering Iron

Part Number: 110800
High temperature butane soldering iron. Great for Vacuum Soldering!  
Variable temperature up to 310°C.
Use with UHV solder PN - 110796.
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BNC Coax Connectors and Components

Components in this BNC section are sold as the most basic components.

Coax BNC Connectors listed below are designed for use with Accu-Glass Products' TYP6, 26 AWG Kapton® insulated coaxial cable (PN-100720).   The use of any other coaxial cable will require modification to some of the supplied components.  For this reason, the use of other coaxial cables is not recommended.