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Vacuum Lubricant and Greases

Apiezon - L Vacuum Lubricant Grease

Apiezon-L Vacuum Lubricant

Part Number: 110506
Apiezon - L Vacuum Lubricant. 1 oz. tube.
Melt point - 47°C, Viscosity at 50°C - 766cp, Molecular weight (Avg.)-1300
Apiezon - M Vacuum Lubricant / Grease

Apiezon-M Vacuum Lubricant

Part Number: 110507
Apiezon-M Vacuum Lubricant. 1 oz. tube.
Melt point - 44°C, Viscosity at 50°C - 413cp, Molecular weight (Avg.)-950
Tube of Klüberalfa® GR Y VAC 3 Lubricating Grease

Klüberalfa GR Y VAC 3

Part Number: 110510

Klüberalfa® GR Y VAC 3 High vacuum, hig temperature compatible lubricant. 100g Tube

Ultrahigh Ultra High In-Vacuum UHV HV Grease Lubricant, drawing

High Vacuum Greases and Lubricants

Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease / Lubricant is designed for sealing and lubricating vacuum and pressure systems.

Apiezon L Vacuum Grease has the best vapour pressure properties of all the Apiezon products and is therefore suitable for use in ultra high vacuum applications.

Apiezon M Vauum Grease is a silicone and halogen-free high vacuum grease and is ideally suited to all manner of high vacuum applications.

Fomblin Y Vac 3 Grease is particularly suitable for use as a vacuum lubricant of mechanical parts operating at high vacuum and in contact with aggressive chemicals or oxygen.