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Apiezon - M Vacuum Lubricant / Grease

Apiezon-M Vacuum Lubricant

Apiezon - M Vacuum Lubricant. 1 oz. tube.

Apiezon - M Vacuum Lubricant Grease is a silicone and halogen-free high vacuum grease and is ideally suited to all manner of high vacuum applications.  Its inherent versatility means M Grease is also frequently used for non-vacuum purposes in both scientific and industrial settings and it is approved for use by NATO.

Apiezon - M Lubricant / Grease is designed for use in high vacuum environments at ambient temperatures (generally between 10 to 30°C / 50 to 86°F).

Melt point - 44°C, Viscosity at 50°C - 413cp, Molecular weight (Avg.)-950 Made with hydrocarbon base for easy cleaning.

Part Number:
Weight: 0.1 lbs
  • Specifications
Model Number:VGL-APM
Max. Vacuum Level:2x10E-9 Torr
MSDS (SDS) Material Safety Data Sheet: