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Kapton-Insulated Wire and Cable

UHV Kapton Insulated Wire and Cable, drawing

UHV Kapton® Wires

Accu-Glass Products in-vacuum Kapton wiring is designed for high and ultrahigh vacuum environments to 1 X 10-10 Torr and are bakeable to 250ºC.  All conductors and shielded coaxial cable shielding are constructed with silver plated copper wire.

Insulation is a high mechanical strength Kapton® Type-F film that is applied and heat treated to minimize trapped gases.

Multi-conductor cables are available in either flat ribbon or circular configuration with an outer PEEK (polyetheretherketone) monofilament weave.  Round cable bundles are color-coded for ease of wiring.  For non-coded wires,  Accu-Glass Products offers colored glass identification beads in six easy to distinguish colors.