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62.5-Micron Fiber Optic Feedthrough Mounted on a 2.75" CF Flange with Male SMA 905 Connectors on Each End

62.5 Single Fiber, 2.75 CF, Graded-Index

Fiber Optic Feedthrough (62.5 micron, Graded-Index, Multimode), mounted on a 2.75" CF Flange.Male SMA 905 connectors on each end.

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Weight: 1 lb
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Model Number:FO625-275
Materials:SS, Glass-Ceramic, Fused Silica
RoHS Compliant:Yes
Max. Bake Temperature:250ºC
Max. Operating Temperature:250ºC
Max. Vacuum Level:1x10E-10 Torr
Number Contacts:1
Contact Material:62.5 micron
Operating Wavelength:Optimized for 850nm and 1300nm
Fiber Profile:Graded-Index, Multimode
Min. Operating Temperature:-269ºC