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Fiber Optic Safety Equipment

Black Vinyl - Polishing Work Mat

Black Vinyl - Polishing Work Mat

Part Number: 111797

Vinyl polishing work mat is black in color to help identify those small fiber ends that have been cleaved from fibers prior to polishing. This mat also helps keep the glass polishing plate from moving while polishing fibers.

Plastic - Safety Glasses

Plastic - Safety Glasses

Part Number: 111795

Plastic safety glasses. Helps reduce the risk of stray fibers from entering the eye.

Fiber Optic - Trash Can

Fiber Optic - Trash Can

Part Number: 111796

Fiber optic trash can. Use this small fiber trash can to dispose of the small fiber ends that have been cleaved to prevent splinters in the skin.

Fiber Optic Tweezers - Splinter Remover

Fiber Optic Tweezers - Splinter Remover

Part Number: 111798

Fiber optic tweezers / splinter remover has a coated tip to help pick up and remove fiber splinter from skin or work table.

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Fiber Optic Polishing/Lapping Safety Equipment

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. offers a large line of fiber optic safety equipment including:

  • Plastic Safety Glasses - a must when cutting or scribing fiber.
  • Fiber Optic Trash Can is a small desktop trash can used for the disposal of small fiber scraps.  This is the safest method of disposing of small fiber scraps.
  • Vinyl Polishing Work Mat is black in color to help locate loose fiber scraps that can be lodged in the skin if not disposed of properly.
  • Fiber Optic Tweezers have a low slip resin coated tip to help hold and pick up fiber optic scraps etc.

*** WARNING ***

  • Safety glasses must be worn when cleaving and polishing short sections of fiber (12 inches or less).
  • Use caution when handling alcohol to avoid spills. Always apply alcohol to connectors with cotton-tipped applicators.