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Fiber Optic Polishing

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Fiber Optic Terminating Supplies

Polishing & Lapping

Accu-Glass Products offers fiber polishing and lapping equipment for our clients who wish to terminate their own fibers. Polishing Plate is made from safety glass with all corners and edges rounded. A hard flat surface is required for polishing fiber optic connectors. SMA Polishing Puck holds an SMA 905 connector in place for polishing. Puck is factory set to produce the correct ferrule length after polishing is complete. Fiber Scribe is a professional tool utilizing a carbide-tipped 30° wedge and is ideal for scribing fibers to produce a clean cleave on the fiber. Inspection Scope is a 100x magnification scope that features a low cost design that is perfect for inspecting fiber optic terminations during and after the polishing process...

Bare Fiber — Polishing & Lapping Equipment

Accu-Glass Products also offers a complete line of equipment needed to polish the ends of non-terminated, bare fiber optic fiber. SMA Bare Fiber Chuck is ideally suited to hold an SMA bare fiber holder in place during the polishing procedure. SMA Bare Fiber Polishing Holder is substituted for an actual connector during the polishing process. Choose from 4 sizes that correspond with our offered fiber sizes. SMA Bare Fiber Polishing Complete Kit is offered for users who wish to have a complete set of holders and a chuck.

Polishing & Lapping Film

Accu-Glass Products recommends using, at a minimum, a four step polishing process. Quickly remove excess epoxy from the tip of the connector using 5µm or larger lapping film. Proceed with the polishing and lapping process with 3µm film until all of the epoxy is removed from the connector tip. Proceed to the 1µm film and polish to the desired finish. A 0.3µm lapping film is available for situations that require an extra fine polish.

Safety Items

Plastic Safety Glasses — a must when cutting or scribing fiber. Fiber Optic Trash Can is a small desktop trash can used for the disposal of small fiber scraps. This is the safest method of disposing of small fiber scraps. Vinyl Polishing Work Mat is black in color to help locate loose fibers scraps that can be lodged in the skin if not disposed of properly. Fiber Optic Tweezers have a low slip, resin-coated tip to help hold and pick up fiber optic scraps, etc. May also be used for splinter removal.