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Connector to Cable, Male Microdot S-50

Part Number: 112783

Coaxial cable with Microdot S-50 male connector End-1 / Optional End-2 termination / 19" or 39" lengths / Kapton insulated 26AWG / .190-32 Thread


Connector to Cable, Female Microdot S-50

Part Number: 112785

Coaxial cable with Microdot S-50 female connector End-1 / Optional End-2 termination / 19" or 39" lengths / Kapton insulated 26AWG / .190-32 Thread


UHV Microdot® Cable Assemblies

These cable assemblies consist of Kpton insulated TYP6, 26 AWG, coaxial cable (No. 100720), and are UHV compatible with 1x10E-10 Torr. They're fitted with male or female S-50 threaded .190-32 (#10-32) Microdot® connectors at one end, and non-terminated, Kapton® insulated coaxial wire at the other. The connectors mate with the vacuum side of our Microdot® feedthroughs. Optionally, the opposite end of cable assemblies can be factory terminated with one of ten (10) User Specified End Options... see individual part 'options' for details. Once a second-end termination is selected from the pull-down list, part number modifier/extension and price will be adjusted automatically.

Microdot ® Threaded Coaxial Interface

The Microdot ® coaxial interface, developed for aerospace and instrumentation applications, is a small circular connector, which is sometimes mistaken for the slightly larger SMA coaxial connection. In its most common configuration, the S-50 series (the feedthroughs offered herein), it uses a No. 10-32 UNF (.190-32) thread. Male connectors are fitted with a .030/.033 diameter pin and jacks have the female mating socket receptacle. It is commonly used in conjunction with high-frequency, low noise, 50-ohm instrumentation signal lines in accelerometers, and various transducer applications. Accu-Glass Products' Microdot ® and 'between-series' BNC-Microdot ® coaxial feed­throughs are constructed with grounded shields, where the feedthrough shield and flange are electrically common.

BNC-Microdot ® 'between-series' feedthroughs offer a simple means of transitioning between BNC and Microdot ® wired applications, or vise versa. The BNC-Microdot ® feedthrough is often used in conjunction with crystal sensors to monitor deposition thicknesses of in-vacuum coating applications. Microdot ® cable assemblies, connectors, and wiring accessories are also offered. Threaded, mating male and female, coaxial connectors are available.

  • Microdot ® and BNC Coaxial Interfaces
  • Single and 'Between Series' Configurations
  • Kapton® insulated, 50-Ohm cables
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • UHV compatible construction
  • Conflat® and ISO KF compatible mounts
  • Air service cables/connectors
  • Custom solutions on request