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Linear ISO Feedthrough Flanges

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Linear Feedthroughs - ISO KF / LF Flanges

ISO Linear Feedthroughs

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Linear Travel

Accu-Glass Products precision HTL series linear motion feedthroughs are designed to operate at temperatures as high as 250°C. Linear movement is measured in 0.001-inch increments on the rotary barrel scale and 0.025-inch increments on the linear body scale, which are laser etched into the black anodized aluminum finish. Standard linear feedthroughs are fitted with a 1.65 diameter manual actuator, which can be fitted with an optional three-spoke Speed-Handle for faster actuation. Factory-converted motorized solutions are also available on request. Our motor options include a reversible constant speed AC motor, and two DC stepper motors, for medium and high torque applications respectively. These precision motion instruments are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel, where only stainless steel surfaces are exposed to vacuum environments. In-vacuum bearings are film lubricated with a UHV compatible Krytox® lubricant, while airside bearings are lubricated with high-temperature Krytox® lubricant. The linear shaft is sealed with an AM-350 edge-welded bellows. Feedthroughs are available on Conflat® compatible, CF style metal seal or ISO-KF elastomer seal flanges.


  • Precision bearings guides — no bushings
  • 1, 2, and 4-inch linear travel
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • UHV compatible construction
  • Conflat® and ISO compatible mounts
  • Edge-welded metal bellows seal
  • Manual actuators
  • Linear travel position lock
  • Optional AC or DC motor actuators