Elastomer Sealed Rotary ISO Feedthrough Flanges

Elastomer Sealed Rotary Feedthroughs - ISO KF / LF Flange, drawing

Rotary ISO Feedthroughs

The ORR series 'elastomer sealed' rotary ISO feedthrough is an economical alternative to our bellows sealed devices. They are ideally suited for less critical applications in the high vacuum regime.

They are constructed of black-anodized aluminum and stainless steel. In vacuum bearings are dry-film lubricated with tungsten-disulfide, while are side bearings are lubricated with high-temperature Krytox lubricant. The rotation shaft is sealed with a Viton elastomer O-ring located at end opposite vacuum mounting flange.

Standard rotary feedthroughs are fitted with a manual actuator, and are also available with an air-side sharft extension for added drive flexibility.