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SMA Bare Fiber Chuck

Part Number: 111774

SMA bare fiber chuck is used with SMA bare fiber polishing holders listed below.


200µm SMA Bare Fiber Holder

Part Number: 111775

200µm SMA bare fiber polishing holder is used to hold the fiber in place during bare fiber polishing.   


400µm SMA Bare Fiber Holder

Part Number: 111776

400µm SMA bare fiber polishing holder is used to hold the fiber in place during bare fiber polishing.   


600µm SMA Bare Fiber Holder

Part Number: 111777

600µm SMA bare fiber polishing holder is used to hold the fiber in place during bare fiber polishing.   


1000µm SMA Bare Fiber Holder

Part Number: 111778

1000µm SMA bare fiber polishing holder is used to hold the fiber in place during bare fiber polishing.   

Fiber Scribe - Fiber Optics

Fiber Scribe - Fiber Optics

Part Number: 111772

Fiber optic scribe. Used to cleave fiber optic fiber prior to polishing.


Fiber Optic Polishing and Lapping Equipment

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. offers polishing/lapping equipment for our clients who wish to terminate fiber optic cables in house.

The polishing plate is made from safety glass with all corners and edges rounded.  A hard flat surface is required for polishing fiber optic connectors.

SMA Polishing Puck holds a SMA 905 connector in place for polishing.  The puck is factory set to produce the correct ferrule length after polishing is complete.

Fiber Scribe is a professional tool utilizing a carbide-tipped 30° wedge and is ideal for scribing fibers to produce a clean cleave on the fiber before polishing.

Inspection Scope is a 100X magnification scope that features a low-cost design that is perfect for inspecting fiber optic terminations during and after the polishing process.

SMA Bare Fiber Chuck and Holder are used in combination to polish the end of a non-terminated fiber.


Polishing Fiber Ends

When the epoxy is cured, and after connectors and sleeves have been securely crimped to the cable jacket, perform the steps below to polish each fiber end...

1.    Place protruding fiber from ferrule on the 9x11 inch Glass Plate 111770, then use Fiber Scribe 111772, to score a notch on fiber, as close as possible to connector ferrule tip, but not into hardened epoxy.
2.    Snap excess fiber off at scored point on fiber and discard into Fiberoptic Trash Can 111796.
3.    Screw the cable connector onto the appropriate polishing puck so that bare fiber and connector ferrule is exposed.
4.    Place a sheet of the 12µm polishing/lapping film 111780, on to glass plate.
5.    Hold puck by fiber channel and place vertically onto polishing/lapping film.
6.    Gently rub bare fiber tip on lapping film in a “figure-8” motion until excess epoxy is removed and fiber is flush against connector ferrule.
7.    Place a sheet of 3µm polishing/lapping film 111782 on to glass plate.
8.    Hold polishing puck by fiber channel (again, in a vertical position) and gently rub fiber tip against lapping film in a “figure-8” motion... approximately 50 times.
9.    Repeat steps 7–8 using a 1µm lapping film 111783. For best results, repeat steps 7–8 using a 0.3µm lapping film 111784.
       Wipe (clean) fiber ends with Optic Wipes, part number 111791, to remove contaminants created during the polishing process — then inspect fiber ends.


Inspecting Polished Fiber Ends

Perform the steps below to inspect the condition of the fiber after the polishing process.

1.    Ensure that appropriate adapter is attached to 100x Inspection Scope 111773
2.    Insert polished fiber connector into the end of the inspection scope.
3.    Turn inspection scope light on.
4.    Look through inspection scope and verify fiber condition... If there are no visible cracks, grooves, pits, or scuffs on the fiber surface, the fiber polishing procedure has been successful and is complete.
5.    If fiber shows any signs of cracks, grooves, pits, scuffs, or other imperfections on the fiber surface, repeat polishing steps 7–9 above.
6.    Inspect fiber condition again after re-polishing... Steps 1-5.


*** WARNING ***

  • Safety glasses must be worn when cleaning and polishing short sections of fiber (12 inches or less).
  • Use caution when handling alcohol to avoid spills. Always apply alcohol to connectors with cotton-tipped applicators.