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Pressure Relief - Ultrahigh (UHV) High In-Vacuum (HV)

Pressure Relief - Ultrahigh (UHV) High In-Vacuum (HV), drawing

Pressure Relief for Ultrahigh (UHV) High In-Vacuum (HV)

Vacuum systems are engineered to operate under external (atmospheric) pressure loads, and not intended for internal pressurization.  Accu-Glass Ultrahigh (UHV) and High In-Vacuum (HV) pressure relief products are important and preventative safety devices designed to protect vacuum systems against internal over-pressurization.

There are many scenarios in which rapid pressure buildup inside a vacuum vessel may occur — such as a runaway gas back-fill operation.  Besides protecting delicate system instruments and equipment, such as vacuum viewports — UHV and HV Pressure Relief products minimize the risk of injury to system operators and other laboratory personnel.