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7.5~11.5 PSI Pressure Burst Disc on 1.33" CF Flange

Low Pressure Burst Disc on 1.33" CF Flange

Low Pressure Burst Disc mounted on a 1.33" CF Flange

Accu-Glass low-pressure burst discs have a stress pattern scored right into their 316 stainless steel foil diaphragm. They're designed with a large 1.93 square-inch deflection area that will rupture when a vacuum vessel's internal pressure has reached 7.5 to 11.5 psi (gauge). Mounted on an industry standard 1.33" CF flange, these low-pressure burst discs provide an instant pressure-relief path for ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) vessel's experiencing accidental over-pressurization.

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Weight: 0.72 lbs
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Model Number:PBD12-133
Materials:Stainless Steel, 316 Diaphragm, 304 Flange / Housing
RoHS Compliant:Yes
Max. Bake Temperature:250 °C
Max. Operating Temperature:250 °C (Pressure Rating reduced to 80%)
Max. Vacuum Level:1x10E-10 Torr
Length / Height:2.10
Other Information:

7.5~11.5 PSIG Burst Pressure @22.2 °C / 107 SCFM (Calculated Flow Rate)