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Thermocouple ISO KF / LF Feedthroughs

9D-8TC-K40, 4 Pairs of Thermocouple Feedthrough on a KF40 CF Flange
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D-Type Feedthrough, Consisting of 4 Thermocouple Pairs of Pins on a KF40 Flange.

2 Pairs of Thermocouple pins and two Power Pins Feedthrough - KF50
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D-Type Feedthrough, Consisting of 2 Thermocouple Pairs of Pins and 2 Power Pins on a KF50 Flange.


Type-K Thermocouple Feedthroughs on ISO KF flanges

These feedthroughs are mounted on KF Flanges that incorporate the industry standard "Quick Release Hinged Clamp", making it easy to mount/demount to your existing KF Flange ports.