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Thermocouple (TYPE-K) ISO Feedthrough Flanges

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Type-K ISO Thermocouple Feedthroughs

These ISO thermocouple feedthroughs are mounted on KF Flanges that incorporate the industry standard "Quick Release Hinged Clamp", making it easy to mount/demount to your existing KF Flange ports.

Thermocouple ISO KF / LF Feedthroughs


 Subminiature-D Interface
•    Type-K Chromel®/Alumel® pins
•    4 TC-pairs / 2 TC-pair and 2 power leads
•    High temperature rated to 150°C
•    UHV compatible construction
•    ISO NW compatible KF mounts
•    Kapton® insulated vacuum cables
•    PEEK Connector with locking screws
•    Air service cables / connectors
•    Custom solutions on request