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2 Pairs of Thermocouple pins and two Power Pins Feedthrough - KF50

2 Pairs of Thermocouple pins and two Power Pins Feedthrough - KF50

D-Type Feedthrough, Consisting of 2 Thermocouple Pairs of Pins and 2 Power Pins on a KF50 Flange.

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Weight: 0.3 lbs
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Model Number:15D-4TC2P-K50
Materials:SS, Glass-Ceramic, Chromel, Alumel
RoHS Compliant:Yes
Max. Bake Temperature:150ºC
Max. Operating Temperature:150ºC, limited by O-ring type used.
Max. Vacuum Level:1x10E-8 Torr
Current rating:TC Pins - Milliamps, Power Pins - 20 AMP
Number Contacts:6, 2-TC pairs and 2-Power
Gender:Male / Male
Contact Material:TC Pins - Chromel and Alumel, Power Pins - Ni-Fe alloy, Au-plt
Other Information:

Thermocouple feedthroughs do not measure temperature, but merely provide a conduit to bring the EMF signal generated at a thermocouple junction through a vacuum vessel wall to an external voltage measuring or temperature readout instrument. Type-K thermocouples with positive Chromel wires and negative Alumel wires are recommended for use in clean oxidizing atmospheres. The maximum operating temperature for these alloys is 1260 C for larger wire sizes. The useful temperature measuring range for a Type-K thermocouple is between (-)200 C to (+)1250 C.