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UHV / Extension-Grade TC

Ceramic Insulator 2 Hole design - 0.020" ID

Ceramic Insulator 2 Hole design - 0.020" ID

Part Number: 112292
Bare wire ceramic insulator with a two hole design to insulate two bare conductors at a time.  Made from ceramic Steatite,  0.020 ID 24AWG nominal, 1" long.   
12 per package (1 foot).

UHV Bare Thermocouple Wire Pairs, Solid Core, Extension Grade

Bare Thermocouple Extension Wire is supplied with both positive and negative non-insulated wire for the thermocouple type listed.  These are non-terminated on each end (no "Hot Junction").

Bare Thermocouple extension wire is a low cost alternative to expensive thermocouple wire when long wire runs are required.