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Vacuum PEEK Cable Track

UHV PEEK Cable Chains/Tracks

UHV Cable Chain / Track

Part Number: 114000

PEEK Cable Chain, UHV, Inside dims: 1.00 X 0.75, 230 C rated, Outside dims: 1.50 X 1.00,5-Links.

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PEEK Cable Chains and Tracks

UHV in-vacuum compatible, PEEK cable track components are designed for service in high and ultrahigh vacuum cable management applications. They're ideally suited at guiding UHV cable bundles on long travel devises located inside a vacuum chamber or vacuum vessel. Constructed with interlocking modular PEEK links, they are sold in unit assemblies of five (5) links, or about 5.25-inchs in length (measured center-to-center). Minimum bend radius of the vacuum cable chain/track is 2.03-inches.

PEEK Vacuum Cable Chain End Mounts

A two-piece end-mount kit includes one (1) each male and female terminations, and all necessary fastening hardware. These can be secured to user vacuum system surfaces with two socket drive screws on any one of the end-mounts four sides.