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MHV Connectors

Accu-Fast™ 500 Connector-Female

Accu-Fast™ 500 Connector-Female

Part Number: 111033
Accu-Fast™ Connector-female 500 Connector. This connector mates directly to "single-ended, grounded-shield" MHV and SHV feedthroughs
(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)
Accu-Fast™ 875 - Connector, Female

Accu-Fast™ 875 - Connector, Female

Part Number: 111021
Accu-Fast™ female 875 Connector. This connector mates directly to "single-ended, floating-shield" feedthroughs of the type: BNC, MHV, and SHV-5.
(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)
Male MHV Connector with Pin, PEEK Insulator and PEEK Sleeve

MHV Connector - Male

Part Number: 111024

UHV compatible MHV male connector. (Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)

User-End Female - UHV Connector

User-End Female - UHV Connector

Part Number: 111022
User End Female Connector, UHV rated.
(Designed for Accu-Glass Products TYP6 cable, PN - 100720)
UHV-Solder, Ultrahigh (UHV) Ultra HIgh In-Vacuum (HV)

In-Vacuum Solder - UHV

Part Number: 110796

Accu-Glass alloy In-Vacuum solder. 1" length.

85% Gold and 15% Proprietary Alloy.

Solder Flux - Isopropyl Alcohol Soluble

Isopropyl Alcohol Soluble Solder Flux

Part Number: 110797
Isopropyl alcohol soluble flux. 1/2 oz. bottle.
*** Due to restrictions on shipping "Hazardous Materials".   This item must be shipped "Ground" and cannot be exported outside of the United States. ***
Vacuum High Temperature Soldering Iron

High Temperature Vacuum Soldering Iron

Part Number: 110800
High temperature butane soldering iron. Great for Vacuum Soldering!  
Variable temperature up to 310°C.
Use with UHV solder PN - 110796.
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Coaxial MHV - UHV Connectors and Components

Components in this MHV section are sold as the most basic components.

UHV MHV Connectors listed above are designed for use with Accu-Glass Products' TYP6, 26 AWG Kapton insulated coaxial cable ( PN-100720). The use of any other coaxial cable will require modification to some of the supplied components.  For this reason, the use of other coaxial cables is not recommended.

MHV Coaxial Interface

The 'Miniature High Voltage' connector interface is designed for low noise 50-ohm lines requiring higher voltage than is possible with a standard BNC interface. MHV coaxial feedthroughs are constructed in both grounded and floating shield configurations. Floating shield types provide two concentric conductor paths: an outer metal conductor tube (shield) concentric with, and enclosing, a cylindrical center conductor pin. Both paths are electrically isolated from each other and a mounting flange. Grounded shield MHVs provide only one path that's electrically isolated from the flange; where grounded shield and flange are electrically common. Vacuum side of single-ended grounded and floating MHV feedthroughs have a 0.094 inch (2.4-mm) diameter conductor pin that mates with grounded or floating AccuFast™ connectors.


  • MHV Coaxial interface
  • Grounded and Floating Shield
  • Single and Double Ended configurations
  • Kapton® insulated 50-Ohm cable
  • High temperature rated to 250°C
  • UHV compatible construction
  • Conflat® and ISO KF compatible mounts
  • Air service cables/connectors
  • Custom solutions on request