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Copper Gaskets - Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum

OFE/OFHC CF Flange Copper Gaskets
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OFE/OFHC Copper Gaskets for use with Conflat compatible CF Flanges

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Gasket Clip Set for CF Flanges.
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Gasket Clip Set for CF Flanges / Fits all Conflat® CF Flange sizes, 2 Clips per package.

Copper Gaskets - Ultrahigh In-Vacuum UHV, Drawing

Copper Gaskets - Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum

Copper Gaskets are used to mate two Conflat (CF) vacuum flanges together.  The Ultrahigh (UHV) In-Vacuum CF flange is the most widely used flange type for high vacuum and UHV applications.  These flanges must be the same outer dimension.  Almost all of our feedthroughs and fittings are available on this flange system.

All of our Copper Gaskets are OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) copper alloy 101 (99.99% Pure copper).   The gaskets are punched from a copper plate, chemically cleaned, and then packaged to minimize scratches and burs.  These Gaskets are designed to be used in the industry standard "captured copper gasket" sealing principle.   

Although we do not carry Silver, Gold platted copper, Aluminum, or Nickel gaskets, we would be happy to source them for you. Just request them via our contact us page.


  • Can withstand elevated temperature indefinitely
  • OFHC copper alloy 101 (99.99%) material
  • ¼-Hard temper Rockwell 63-83 Hardness factor
  • ASTM F 68-77 ASTM B 152-79
  • Nicks or scratches shall not exceed .0005” deep, or .003” wide.
  • Burrs shall not exceed .002”

Our line of OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) copper gaskets consists of sizes from 1.33" to 16.50" to fit any of our Conflat (CF) flanged feedthroughs, fitting, components and accessories.

Are you looking for Viton Gaskets instead? We carry those also.

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